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    Column packing refers to the practice of packing a distillation column with fitting filtration material in order to optimize surface area over which reactants can interact while minimizing the complexity of construction of such columns.Whatever your application, Richon has the column packing in the size and material – metal, plastic, or ceramic – to provide optimum performance.

  • Air Separation Air Separation

    An air separation plant separates atmospheric air into its primary components, typically nitrogen and oxygen, and sometimes also argon and other rare inert gases.  The most common method for air separation is fractional distillation. Cryogenic air separation units (ASUs) are built to provide nitrogen or oxygen and often co-produce argon. Other method...

  • The advantages of structured packing The advantages of structured packing

    Structured Packing tower is in the air separation equipment. Crude argon column and distillation has been widely used, so that the energy consumption of air separation equipment, oxygen and argon extraction yield. Device start-up time and variable working technology has improved obviously. Structured tower packing generally has the following advantages: (...

  • The structure and working principle of the packing tower The structure and working principle of the packing tower

    The packing tower’s function is for the adsorption application. It is the most important equipment for the chemical, petrochemical and refinery industries. The packing tower’s structure features as follows: With internal packing as the mass transferring equipment for the gas- liquid two-phase contact parts in the packing tower. The b...

  • Typically types of Chemical packing Typically types of Chemical packing

    There are many types of chemical packing, but it can be summarized into the following four categories: The particulate chemical packing: it is very early emergence of chemical packing material with inorganic ceramic or quartz sand. Its greatest benefit is roug...

  • Chemical knowledge: the difference between soda, bicarbonate and bicarbonate Chemical knowledge: the difference between soda, bicarbonate and bicarbonate

    1. Soda Soda is a transliteration of soda, and its chemical formula is Na2CO3. Scientific name is sodium carbonate, commonly known as soda, also known as soda or soda powder. With crystal water is called sodium carbonate hydrate. Anhydrous sodium carbonate is white powder or fine particle, soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is alkaline. It has a ...

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